56th Conferention of Directors of Danube Shipping Companies


HRB Danube Lloyd - Sisak d.o.o. this year hosted participants of  the 56th Conferention of Directors of Danube Shipping Companies members of  Bratislava agreements.

In order to improve conditions related to inland navigation in Europe, and solving the problems of  shipping companies that  they face every day on the river Danube,
leaders of shipping companies which sail on the river Danube, such as  BRP AG - Rousse, DDSG - Wien, MAHART DUNA CARGO - Budapest, CNFR rushes SA Galati, AO SPAP - Bratislava, CAO UDP - Kiev, PASK UKRRICHFLOT - Kiev, DD JRB - Belgrade, S. C. ROMNAV S.A. - Braila, DTL-Belgrade have been mutually shared their experiences and proposals.

For more than half of a century long tradition provides a river shipping companies to share their experiences with each other, trying to find solutions for daily problems and reach conclusions that will assist them in performing their duties.
More then about forty representatives of shipping companies, ports, river agents and participants at the working groups of conference were disclose their views on the following topics of the conference:

- Exchange of information and data about the current situation and business activity of shipping companies
- The principles and forms of future joint cooperation of the Danube shipping companies,
- An agreement on general conditions of carriage of goods in international navigation on the    river Danube,
- Exchange of experiences regarding different methods of determining the quantity of goods, work with insurance and control companies,
- The Common average - a new method of calculation (by Common average) in providing of assistance to another ship/vessels in case of average
- Receiving, delivering, maintenance and protection of vessels/ships that do not have a crew,
- Safety of Navigation on the Danube – the common request for coordination of mutual activities to  prevent illegal activities in international waters,
- Measures to ensure the safety of crew, vessel and cargo in the Serbian and Romanian part of Danube
- Information about navigation conditions for sailing on the river Danube,

All conclusions of these topics were presented and recorded in the "Protocol of the Conference" whose signing by members of Bratislava agreement formally end the working part of the Conference.
Except of above mentioned representatives of the shipping companies, shippers, shipping agents  to 56th Conference was attended our business partners and friends.

Specially would like to emphasis present and participation - on behalf of the Croatian Ministry of Sea, Transport and Infrastructure, Mr. Capt.Mario Babić State Secretary for Sea and Capt. Janko Brnardić, Director, Directorate for Inland Waterway Navigation.

We must not forget our colleagues from the Port of Sisak, Port Vukovar and Port Tranzit Osijek which have also shared their experiences with us.
Our business partners: Tamoza Trading Ltd. - Belgrade, Eu Shipping - Belgrade, Agent Plus - Belgrade, AD Brodokomerc - Novi Sad, DSMS-Vienna, Cye Petrol - Istanbul, Cosmos Shipping Energy.

Despite time of crisis, this conference was witness here vitality and resistance to the shipping industry recession - in other words, we have confirmed our ability not only to survive, but also the ability to capture new markets, improving the quality of work and services that all in terms of hard challenges. We believe that this conference was an exceptional opportunity to reinforce old and make new business connections.

The conference was held from September 27.  to 01.October in Šibenik, and function of  host for the next year will take the Slovak shipping company AO SPAP from Bratislava.




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56th Conferention of Directors of Danube Shipping Companies

HRB Danube Lloyd - Sisak d.o.o. this year hosted...


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